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The plight of America's middle class over the last thirty years has been a story without a narrator.  Middle class Americans know something has happened, their financial circumstances have changed drastically, but have yet to hear a comprehensive explanation as to why there are fewer jobs, lower wages, increasing healthcare costs and the ability to just get by has become increasingly difficult.  After the recent economic crisis, middle class Americans have seen their communities plagued by foreclosures, lay-offs and outsourcing, while at the same time the nations largest banks and corporations are given bailouts and tax breaks. "The Class Slipper" offers the explanation Americans want, need and have been waiting for.  What has happened to America's Middle Class, how did this happen, who are the "Generals" in the war on the Middle Class and what can every American do to change the direction we are heading.  Taking the inform, engage and empower approach, "The Class Slipper" aims to be the movie that started a movement!


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