Reclaiming the American Dream team

On December 13, 2008, a group of concerned neighbors met to answer then elect-President Barack Obama's call for community input. We saw ourselves as a think tank, thoroughly researching national issues to address our economic, health, education, and energy concerns in our neighborhoods. We believe that we have a voice and one person can make a difference. We became a movement to encourage others to not look for quick fixes but to stand against smooth soundbites, seductive rhetoric, and special interest lobbying and to pursue a better quality of life.

After carefully reviewing all the issues, we realized that:

  • until election power is returned to the US American people and
  • until we elect skilled and highly qualified legislators that are answerable to all their constituents' needs and are committed to our quality of life as much as their own

reform in any area will not happen. 

So us RADicals decided to Reclaim our American Dream by working for human rights, democracy, equal opportunity, and economic justice for all families in the USA.

We are starting with election reform first because without securing accountable legislators, we cannot hope to effect the reform needed in other areas. We are calling all Americans to citizenship, the honorable duties and responsibilities that come with being a citizen member of the USA. Let's take back our elections!



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