People for a New Society

We at PeopleForANewSociety are like so many others, looking for real change and a path to get it. But what's left for us to do? After we've tried 'yes we can' and get 'no you can't' ...after voting for the 'lesser of two evils'& get the lesser evil but no solutions, is it hopeless? Unless we look at alternatives to profit and competition and the way industry & society is run today--from 'above' to benefit a few- it is hopeless! We need to look at the entire economic & civic model and find a way to change it. But how? First we must recognize the present system is unworkable. Only a new paradigm, a new framework will permit us to think and act in ways that can actually protect the environment, let us live in peace, care for our families, be creative & fulfilled. And while this present 'corporate' system now seems overwhelmingly powerful, an even greater power will come when all of us work to replace it with what we know will be better: democracy where we live and where we work. It can be done and we have a strategy that can take us from where we are, to where we want to go.


If you want to strengthen democracy where it matters most -- in our communities, our schools, our workplaces and local economies, our military, our government, our media, our constitution -- you will find something inspiring in Madison this August. Learn More →


The Democracy Convention is a project of Liberty Tree, a strategy center uniquely committed to building a new democracy movement for the U.S.A.. Liberty Tree supports and unites campaigns for democratic reform across many areas of life. Liberty Tree logo

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