Donnelly/Colt Progressive Resources

Donnelly/Colt Progressive Resources is a small, family-owned and operated business that has provided progressive materials for consciousness raising and fundraising since 1975. It was just one of those ventures a newly formed couple ventured upon, after stints in college and various jobs. We, Kate Donnelly and Clay Colt, wanted to change the world to make it a more tolerant and peaceful place. We also wanted to stop waiting tables and cleaning 16mm films for a living. So we bought a proof press in San Francisco where we were living, drove 3,000 miles east, set it up and began hand setting wooden and metal type and printing bumperstickers – one at a time. This was a unique service nobody else was doing at the time. It was also incredibly labor-intensive. Three decades later, I'm not sure we have a more just and peaceful planet, but it's not for lack of trying. Our business has grown and waned and grown and waned as the progressive movements have.


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