AFT Local 6100

The MATC Teachers' Union, Local 6100, represents the Part-time Faculty at Madison Area Technical College Campuses in Madison, Ft. Atkinson, Reedsburg, Portage and Watertown.

Alliance for Democracy - Missouri Chapter

The mission of the Alliance for Democracy is to free all people from corporate domination of politics, economics, the environment, culture and information; to establish true democracy; and to create a just society with a sustainable, equitable economy.

Community Pharmacy Coop

We are a worker’s cooperative whose mission it is to promote health. We believe in expanding the definition of health to include a right to eat, a right to a home, a right to a humane workplace, a right to a clean environment, and a right to move through that environment without fear of violence or silencing. Our work supports efforts to attain and maintain these rights for all people by supporting access to information, and financially supporting and lending our name to causes that reflect our goals.

Greens of Kansas City

The Greens of Kansas City are an affiliate of the Green Party of the United States. The 10 key values of the Green Party are:


Groundwork is a white anti-racist collective working to dismantle white supremacy and achieve racial justice in our communities.  We are committed to doing work against racism in our daily lives from the heart, with dignity, integrity, and radical honesty.  Groundwork formed after a nine week anti-racism workshop in the fall of 2004 and we have consistently had 8-15 members.

Just Coffee

Just Coffee Cooperative is a worker-owned coffee roaster dedicated to creating and expanding a model of trade based on transparency, equality, and human dignity. We strive to build long-term relationships with small-scale coffee growers to bring you a truly incredible cup of coffee.

Kansas City Move to Amend

Kansas City Move to Amend is a nonpartisan association of Americans who were moved to take action against the Supreme Court's disastrous ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Corporations may now spend unlimited amounts of their vast resources to campaign for or against candidates running for office. The threat to our democracy is real. We, of KC Move To Amend, aspire to amend the US Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.

KC Active

eKC online is Kansas City’s first online “only” news and entertainment publication with features and commentary from established journalists and writers, many of which have received local and regional awards. 

From September 2001 to February 2004, eKC existed both in print and online. The decision to publish only online was made for three main reasons: the increased number of people visiting us online and comments from those readers that reading eKC online was sometimes easier than finding a print copy and also, as an independent publisher, we want to survive in these tough economic times.

Madison Raging Grannies

The Raging Grannies of Madison began as a project of the Madison chapter of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), first singing to the crowds of Madison WI anti-war protesters in the fall of 2003. Membership is open to all older women who know that "war is stupid" and that for the sake of our children and grandchildren we must sing out for peace, economic & social justice and the environment. We sing primarily in the Madison area, but the Grannies "have songs, will travel" anywhere in the state. We sing wherever we are invited -- and sometimes where we're not!

Madison-area Urban Ministry (MUM)


Madison-area Urban Ministry (MUM) has worked for social justice for over three decades. MUM is an interfaith coalition of congregations and individuals of all beliefs. The organization began as an experimental urban ministry in 1970, a collaboration of the United Church of Christ (UCC), Church Women United, and a neighborhood association formed to provide programs and services on Madison’s near Eastside. Today MUM links over 100 diverse faith communities and many individuals throughout Dane County. MUM’s mission is to stand with the poor and hurting, neighbors working together for social change.

Mary Berryman Agard & Associates

Mary Berryman Agard & Associates (formerly Hyperion Associates) is a consulting firm working to help individuals, organizations, and communities translate aspirations into accomplishments. We work in cultural planning, civic dialog, foundation management and consulting, donor services, project management, and non-profit consulting. Our clients include non-profit organizations, foundations, individual donors, and units of government.

National Lawyers Guild (NLG)

The NLG is dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. We seek to unite the lawyers, law students, legal workers and jailhouse lawyers to function as an effective force in the service of the people, to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests.

National Lawyers Guild, Madison Chapter

The National Lawyers Guild is an association dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. We seek to unite the lawyers, law students, legal workers and jailhouse lawyers of America in an organization that shall function as an effective political and social force in the service of the people, to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests.

Praxis Peace Institute

Praxis Peace Institute offers forums, workshops, and local and international conferences to address the above issues and challenges. These events bring together leading facilitators and thinkers in the areas of conflict resolution, psychology, sociology, political science, economics, politics, history, philosophy, religion, gender studies, and the arts and sciences. The purpose is to produce in-depth examinations of the above-listed topics and to examine and promote the means of resolving conflicts, respecting difference, and forging paths to a peaceful and sustainable world. The ultimate goal is to make peacebuilding available to everyone ---- through education, media support, and community workshops.

Progressive Democrats of America

Progressive Democrats of America was founded in 2004 to transform the Democratic Party and our country. We seek to build a party and government controlled by citizens, not corporate elites-with policies that serve the broad public interest, not just private interests. As a grassroots PAC operating inside the Democratic Party, and outside in movements for peace and justice, PDA played a key role in the stunning electoral victories of November 2006 and 2008. Our inside/outside strategy is guided by the belief that a lasting majority will require a revitalized Democratic Party built on firm progressive principles.

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina

The mission of the Progressive Democrats of North Carolina is to promote economic, social, global and environmental justice, and peace and sustainability in North Carolina, and to work with the North Carolina Democratic Party to maximize the democratic process, to advocate for the days’ most pressing issues, and to serve as a voice of conscience.

Founded in June 2004 in Greensboro, the Progressive Democrats of North Carolina is composed of a broad array of grassroots activists from progressive civil rights and issue movements, as well as many who were mobilized by the 2004 campaigns of Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean, and motivated by groups such as Progressive Democrats of America and Democracy for America.

Public Banking Institute

The Public Banking Institute (PBI) is a non-partisan think-tank, research and advisory organization dedicated to exploring and disseminating information on the potential utility of publicly-owned banks, and to facilitate their implementation. PBI was formed in 2011 as an educational non-profit organization by a group of citizens including past and present community and civic leaders, businesspeople, educators, political economists, writers, and banking and other professionals. The group shares a concern over the destabilizing actions of a private banking industry that, through its corporate business model, has precipitated the economic imbalances now witnessed across the US economy.

South Central Wisconsin Move to Amend

South Central Wisconsin Move to Amend is a nonpartisan association of volunteers galvanized into action by the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision by the United States Supreme Court. We are alarmed by the threat to democracy posed by unrestricted corporate spending on local,state,and national election campaigns. In particular,we hold it as self-evident that corporations are not people,money is not speech,and therefore the regulation of corporate spending on elections is not an abridgement of First Amendment free speech rights.

South Valley Peace Center

South Valley Peace Center (SVPC) was founded in the run-up to the Iraq war.  In the summer of 2002 the Visalia Friends Meeting launched a project to put a billboard on Hwy 99 saying Stop the War.  (The Iraq war had not yet started, but it was clear that the Bush administration was laying the groundwork to invade Iraq.) During the same period of time a group of women representing WILPF started holding a vigil in Visalia on the corner of Mooney and Walnut.  Soon the numbers started to grow and become more diverse.  It soon became clear that the name without a group and the group without a name were a perfect match.  The South Valley Peace Center, as an actual organization, was born.

The Punk Patriot

A blog dedicated to Life, Liberty, and pursuit of a less F**cked up government.


ValenciaPR is a Madison-based PR firm specializing in digital media outreach. Marivic has served as a Gubernatorial Appointee with the State of Wisconsin, and held management positions across broadcast, technology and finance sectors. Past and current clients include Soho Publishing (Sohobiztube.com, Soho Seminars), HeroEx, The Undev, LLC, Cool Music Network, THECOOLTV, Melt Studio, ReMax Preferred Realtors, Advance Planning Services, VodoModo, EaseUrMove and others. Marivic also owns and manages Cyberaoke Karoake, a growing online karaoke startup.

Veterans For Peace ~ Clarence Kailin Chapter 25

Veterans for Peace, Inc. (VFP) is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) educational and humanitarian organization dedicated to the abolishment of war. The Madison Chapter is named in honor of Clarence Kailin, long-time Madison peace activist and social reformer, who was a founding member. Clarence died in late 2009 at the age of 96. We honor him by carrying on his name and making efforts to establish a more peaceful and justice nation and world.

Will 2 Power Productions

The plight of America's middle class over the last thirty years has been a story without a narrator.  Middle class Americans know something has happened, their financial circumstances have changed drastically, but have yet to hear a comprehensive explanation as to why there are fewer jobs, lower wages, increasing healthcare costs and the ability to just get by has become increasingly difficult.  After the recent economic crisis, middle class Americans have seen their communities plagued by foreclosures, lay-offs and outsourcing, while at the same time the nations largest banks and corporations are given bailouts and tax breaks. "The Class Slipper" offers the explanation Americans want, need and have been waiting for.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - Triangle Branch

As a member of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, the WIPLF Triangle Branch, now in its 76th year, works to achieve through peaceful means world disarmament, full rights for women, racial and economic justice, an end to all forms of violence, and to establish those political, social, and psychological conditions which can assure peace, freedom, and justice for all. This remarkable vision still guides us today as we face the challenges of the twenty-first century.

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